Jul 10 2009

Moon (the movie)

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I have three words to say about this movie: go see it.

Okay, I have a few more words. Sam Rockwell’s acting (as Sam Bell) is superb, they get the science right (if you give them the basic premise), and the plot turns in ways you might not expect. (I was expecting twists, and knew some of the basic premise from what I’d read about the movie, but I was still surprised — pleasantly so.)

Moon is one of the most intelligent SF movies I’ve seen in a long time, without the largely incomprehensible (if you haven’t read the book) ending of, say, 2001: A Space Odyssey. (There’s an obvious homage to 2001 in Moon‘s set design.) I hope the movie makes a bundle, that might encourage more like it.

If you’re looking for them, there are trivial nits to pick, mostly due to the fact that we still can’t film on location on the Moon. But spending a few tens of millions to fake Lunar gravity wouldn’t have added anything to the story, and in fact they do get the gravity right in a couple of outside scenes and where Sam is comfortably carrying something that would be heavy on Earth.

In the Denver area it’s playing at the Mayan, where you can enjoy an adult beverage while you’re watching, as well as at the Westminster Promenade. As they say, check your local listings. (It’s rated “R”, apparently for language because Sam uses the f-word a few times when he’s understandably stressed out. If they’d wanted a PG-13 rating it wouldn’t have been difficult, but it’s not exactly a “summer action flick”.)

Like I said: go see it.

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