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Feb 18 2008


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The Chocolate Fusion essay is up. Well, more a piece of flash fiction with a couple of paragraphs of context.

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Feb 09 2008


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Speaking of Mars and the Great Martian Novel (see the item below), I’ve just posted an essay that talks a bit about how Jim Baen got me started on that, and where it’s at now.

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Feb 08 2008

Feedback Page is Up

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Visitors can now post feedback to this site here[link removed], or use the “Post Comment” link in the header. I don’t have the site yet set up to automatically post those comments back to a public page — I’m working on that — but they are logged and I’ll read them. I’m looking into software (possibly WordPress) to automate all this, please bear with me in the meantime. Thanks.

[Update: Since the site is now on different software, this post is obsolete. It’s even easier to post feedback, just hit that clicky beneath each post.]

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Feb 06 2008

Mars in 3D

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Astrobiology Magazine reports that high resolution 3D Mars maps are now available thanks to data from the Mars Express Hi Res Stereo Camera (HRSC). This data has already been used to produce some wonderful topographic maps (click image for better view). If I ever get back to working on my Great Martian Novel (about building the Aresian Well), these will come in handy.
Mars map

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Feb 01 2008


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I’m off to the COSine science fiction convention in Colorado Springs this weekend. Mike Resnick is the Guest of Honor, and I expect the usual crowd of Colorado F&SF authors will be there, weather and schedules permitting. It’s a small con, but fun.

Later this year (a couple of weeks before the Democratic National Convention), Colorado will be hosting WorldCon at Denvention 3, and in October the 40th annual MileHiCon (in the Denver Tech Center).

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