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Jun 05 2021


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Update 7/7/21: The below book-bundle deal has expired. If you took advantage of it, thanks! I’ll be posting more news in a day or two, but you might want to keep Wednesday evening, 7/14/21, from 8pm to 9:30 pm EDT (6pm to 6:30 MDT) free.

Original post:
Summer is fast approaching, although with the 92F temperatures outside as I write this, it feels like it’s already here. I am scrambling to put the finishing touches on my new Delta Pavonis: Discovery novel, as well as on a new Jason Curtis story.

Remember him? The narrator of “Into the Fire” and “Renee (and the Space Raiders),” Jason is a favorite character of mine. “Into the Fire,” while neither the first story I wrote nor the first I published, was the first of what has become the T-Space series. I wrote the (now somewhat revised) opening scenes of “Steppenwolf” about ten years ago, but it got pushed aside by other projects. I now have an ending for it (which I quite like — we’ll be seeing more of Curtis in future) and it will be in print this September. More details closer to release date. It’s a direct sequel to “Renee,” but it stands alone. (“Into the Fire” appears in my Alastair Mayer: A Sampler, “Renee” is included as a bonus in the paperback edition of Kakuloa: A Rising Tide, or as a short standalone ebook.)

Special deal!

Space Adventure Book Bundle

Since you guys read faster than I can write, let me recommend a great book deal coming up, the Space Adventure Book Bundle, with twenty books for less than ten dollars. One of those will be my The Chara Talisman, another is my friend Robert Williscoft’s The Starchild Compact. I haven’t read any of the others yet, but I know most of the authors, and will be buying a copy myself. It will be avaible for any e-reader (not just Kindle), starting June 14 for a limited time only. It will be available here.

Have a great summer, more news soon!

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