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Aug 10 2008

Denvention3, the aftermath

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The Worldcon has wound down, it was a blast, and it’s all over but for the dead dog parties. Actually that’s not quite true, the con commitee still has work ahead of them (paperwork and such) which is really tough to be motivated to do once the parties are over, and they have my sympathy and respect. (My wife once chaired an International Space Development Conference; I helped edit the proceedings.)

The Hugo Awards went well (you can find the full list elsewhere, off the top of my head: Dr. Who Blink for best dramatic, short form; Stardust, long form; Connie Willis won (yet another) Hugo for her novella “All Seated on the Ground”, and Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union won best novel).

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Aug 04 2008

Getting ready for Denvention3 (Worldcon)

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The annual World Science Fiction Convention, this year in Denver (hence, Denvention 3, Denver’s 3rd Worldcon), is kicking off the day after tomorrow. This isn’t my first, but it is my first in too many years. I’m looking forward to it.

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