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This is a bibliography page for some of the non-fiction papers and articles I’ve had published, either space or computer related. It’s mostly here to preserve content from the older version of this site.

Space related

Cover, Space 92 ENGINEERING, CONSTRUCTION, AND OPERATIONS IN SPACE III (SPACE ’92, Proceedings of the Third International Conference), Denver, June 1992.“Power Sources for Lunar Bases”

You may order this book from Amazon.com.

Cover, Space Manufacturing 8 SPACE MANUFACTURING 8 ENERGY AND MATERIALS FROM SPACE (Proceedings of the Ten Princeton/AIAA/SSI conference on Space Manufacturing), Princeton, May 1991.“The Aresian Well: Piping Martian Volatiles to the Inner Solar System”

(An abbreviated version of this paper was presented in the Poster Sessions at Case For Mars IV, Boulder, CO (1990). And through a curious collection of circumstances, I also presented this paper to the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, in September 1991).

You may order “Space Manufacturing 8” from Amazon.com.

You can also order “Case For Mars IV” First Volume (hardcover) or (paperback) and Second Volume (hardcover) or (paperback).


Vol. 4, No. 2, (March/April 1991). “Mass Transit” (in the Notes from Earth section)

Cover, High Frontier High Frontier’s NEWSWATCH
Vol. VI, No. 12, (December 1989). “The Experimental Spaceship (SSX)” (cover story)

Computer/Software related

Vol. 12, No. 5, (May 1987). “System Review: The Commodore 64-C”
Vol. 11, No. 5, (May 1986). “System Review: The AT&T UNIX PC”
Cover, BYTE December 1985 BYTE MAGAZINE
Vol. 10, No. 13, (Dec. 1985). “[Conferencing System] Storage Architectures”
PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1985 WORKSHOP ON COMPUTER CONFERENCING AND ELECTRONIC MESSAGING, Guelph, January 1985. “User Friendliness at 300 Baud: The CoSy Approach to the Human Interface”
Cover, Computer Architecture News, June 1982 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE NEWS, Vol. 10. No. 4, (June 1982)
“The Architecture of the Burroughs B5500 — 20 Years Later, Still Ahead of the Times?”
Abstract: The Burroughs B5000 was introduced over twenty years ago [Now nearly forty-five – AJWM]. The architectural features it introduced, and refined when it was upgraded to the B5500 and B6500, are only now appearing in new computer designs. This paper briefly describes some of these features, as they relate to high-level language and operating system support, and as interesting features in their own right. References are given for more detailed information.
ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES, Vol. 16, No. 11 (November 1981). “Value Receiving Procedures”

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