Oct 15 2010

Another appliance story

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My first pro story, “Light Conversation”, which appeared as a Probability Zero in Analog earlier this year, involved a conversation with a slime mold in a refrigerator.

Earlier this week, after spending much of the weekend (more than I wanted to, anyway) repairing a clothes dryer, I woke up with an idea for another Probability Zero story featuring, what else, a dryer. The story pretty much wrote itself and the first draft had everyone in the family laughing out loud.

Alas, some of that was in-jokes. I pretty much had to trim those to cut the story to fit Analog‘s Prob Zero space requirement, but there’s still plenty of humor in it. I sent it off today. I hope Stan likes it.

(One way or another it’ll eventually see print, and I may have to start an “appliance series” of humorous flash fiction. My son Robert wants me to do something with flying toasters. I think I’ll wait a while on that one.)

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