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Nov 06 2021

Vegas, baby!

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For those in the Las Vegas area (however large you choose to define that area), on Friday, 12 November, I’ll be at Bally’s for a massive author signing/book sale (20 Books Vegas). Come on by and bring a book or six to get signed. No hardcopy book? I’ll have a few for sale, or a custom label I can autograph if you want to order a book for later delivery.

Speaking of later deliveries, although Gunfight on Europa Station (see below) is now available in e-book from the usual suspects, the print version is not, yet. The books have been printed but, thanks to supply chain problems, are sitting in a warehouse awaiting shipment to Amazon, B&N, etc. I am hoping that Toni Weisskopf (publisher at Baen Books) will have some copies with her at Bally’s next Friday (she’ll be there), but no promises.

Currently in progress: Delta Pavonis: Expansion (sequel to Discovery) is about 75% finished with first draft (I started it after MileHiCon) and I hope to have it out in time for Christmas. The second Kakuloa book, The Downhill Slide, is further along but is slower going (more subplots). Look for it early next year.

Finally, the massive collection The Expanding Universe: Volume 7 (also see below) is doing well, and has some excellent stories in it. Several (many?) of the authors will be at the Vegas event mentioned up top. A great opportunity to collect a bunch of autographs. I’ll have a few copies for sale.

Cheers, belated Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Whatever Other Causes To Celebrate you may have (which reminds me of a story my submariner/Antarctic researcher/writer friend, Robert Williscroft, tells about a certain alcohol supply and some Russian fellow Antarctic researchers, but that will have to wait for another time. He tells it better anyway.) 😉

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