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Welcome to T-Space (and other universes)

So what, some of you are asking, is T-Space? Well, aside from this website, T-Space is the name for the region of human-explored space in the world in which many of my stories are set. It stands for “terraform (or terraformed) space”, so called because we find that many of the nearby star systems have Earthlike worlds, and they’ve been engineered to be that way. Worse (for the scientists trying to figure it out, but not for everyone else), the lifeforms on these planets all seem to be genetic offshoots of life that existed on Earth sixty to seventy million years ago. But before you jump to the obvious conclusion, no, there are no dinosaurs, or any evidence of them (at least, not so far). T-Space itself is roughly forty lightyears in diameter, centered on the Sun. Starships are relatively common, but small — the Alcubierre-Broek equations which govern the warp drive also put an upper limit on its size (and BTW, I’m not making this up). That size limit also restricts the fuel carried (for the fusion generator which powers the warp), so there’s a range limit of roughly a dozen lightyears (depending on ship design) before refueling.

This website is a mix of stuff about T-Space (stories, snippets, and background); about the real universe we all share (there’s a lot of fascinating stuff going on in the real world — where do you think we SF writers get our crazy ideas?), and occasional blurbs, snippets or discussion about some of my other story universes — or others’ universes (within the bounds of copyrights and permissions, of course).
For aspiring writers, there’s discussion and links to some of the things I’ve learned or found useful along the way. Come on in.

Site Redesign

NB I’m in the process of re-implemented the feedback system — the old one rankly sucked — to make it easier for you to comment or participate in discussions.
If you’re reading this you’re looking at the new system. I’ve copied content over from the old and there may be the odd corner of the site with style quirks. Feel free to point out any errors or problems, thanks.

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  1. dodoon 22 Mar 2009 at 5:06 pm

    beautiful blog merciiiii

  2. Joey Jordanon 25 Apr 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Excellent site Alastair! I am enjoying reading all of the interesting sections you have here.

  3. Alastairon 07 May 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Thanks Joey, glad you like it.

    I just need to make a point of updating more frequently. 😉

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