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Aug 06 2022

Summer drags on…

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I guess it has been a hot summer. I have my air-conditioning set to about 77F, and I open the windows at night, but my July electric bill was still almost $200. Ouch! Anyway, whether it’s the heat, or lasting after effects of surgery, or some low grade subclinical Covid infection (the home tests show negative), the works in progress aren’t going as quickly as I’d like. But then, do they ever? They are still going, however. One piece of advice that helps: when you think you’ve hit a roadblock because of a plot hole, turn it into a plot twist.

One of those twists is that much of Delta Pavonis: Destiny (the third in that series) actually takes place on Taprobane, the nominally off-limits planet in the Epsilon Indi system. Here’s the preliminary draft of the cover. The second Kakuloa book, The Downhill Slide, will likely be finished first, but I’m revamping the covers for that series.

The next convention I’ll be at will be Denver’s MileHiCon, toward the end of October. With a bit of luck and perseverence, I’ll have two new books for you by then, as well as a short story or two.

So, how’s your summer going?

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