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Updated November 11, 2011

The Chara Talisman, the first full-length novel set in T-space, is now available in e-book and trade paperback form. (First to be published. A novel set earlier in the time-line is in progress.) This is the expansion of my Analog story “Stone Age”.

E-book versions are available from Amazon (for Kindle) and Smashwords (all formats) and should be available direct from B&N, Sony, Apple and others soon. The trade paperback version is available from Amazon as well as through bookstores (you might have to special-order it — bookstores rarely take chances on newer authors these days unless the publisher is doing a mega-marketing blitz) and my publisher, Mabash Books.

There’ll be some promotions for Chara Talisman and some of my other T-space stories going on over the next month or so, so stay tuned. I haven’t decided on the rewards yet, but I’ll be offering prizes for the first person who reports to me a typo or factual error (only one prize or reward for each typo/error) in the book. It could happen — Larry Niven had the Earth rotating in the wrong direction in the first edition of Ringworld. 😉

Cover: The Chara Talisman

The Chara Talisman

On a distant planet, archaeologist Hannibal Carson finds the remains of a high-tech artifact in a primitive tomb. A ruthless cult believes it’s the clue to a lost cache of alien weapons. Homeworld Defense enlists Carson and starship pilot Jacqueline (Jackie) Roberts to decipher the clue and locate the cache before the cult does. With a thriving black market in alien artifacts, Carson is used to run-ins with tomb raiders – but the stakes this time are xenocide and interstellar war.

October 20, 2011
Coming on 11/11/11 from Mabash Books, building on the short story “Stone Age” which appeared in the June, 2011 issue of Analog Science Fiction:

Available November 11, 2011, in trade paperback and in e-book formats for all popular readers.

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  1. Dave Menzieson 18 Dec 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Hi Al. This is the Ghost of Xmas Past speaking…

    I just finished reading “The Chara Talisman” and I enjoyed it completely. Congratulations.

    And Merry Christmas.



  2. Alastairon 31 Dec 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Dave! Good to hear from you, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

    (There’s only a few hours left … guess we’re not doing a New Year’s ice dive at midnight tonight this year 😉 )

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