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Sep 23 2009

Sale to Analog!

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My short story “Light Conversation” has been accepted by Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine! This is my first sale to Analog (or to any of the Big Three SF magazines, the other two being Asimov’s and Fantasy & Science Fiction). I’ve been reading Analog since I was a teenager, so I’m really excited by this sale. I don’t know what issue it will appear in, but given the usual lead time it will probably be sometime next summer. Of course I’ll announce it (in big letters! 😉 ) when I find out specifics. It will likely be a “Probability Zero” story — it’s that kind of fun short — but of course that’s up to the editor.

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Sep 11 2009

New story at MindFlights

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My short story “The Gremlin Gambit” is the lead in the current issue of MindFlights webzine. It’s a light, fun piece, check it out.

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