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The T-Space Bible Wiki

Everything you wanted to know (or at least, has been written) about T-Space.

A note on canon:

  • It's not canon until it's published. Information in this wiki that has not appeared in a published story is subject to change, consistent with what has been published.
  • Even canon might be subject to change (retcon), but only if there's a damned good reason.
  • Information only provided by a potentially unreliable narrator may not be true, so may or may not be canon. (Since all the Jason Curtis stories are told in first person, Curtis could be considered an unreliable narrator. Anything in dialog can only be as accurate as what the speaker knows or thinks he/she/it knows. The speaker may also be lying.)

A Work in Progress

There may well be information available in the books that isn't yet available here. The author would rather write new books and stories than edit the wiki, and most of his readers seem to prefer it that way. Alas, there aren't enough hours in the day. At least, not on this planet.


While we hope to avoid major plot spoilers, it is inevitable that reading information here before reading the story or book in which it is revealed may spoil some surprises. To avoid this, go and read every T-Space story published, then come back. (grin)

Wiki Sections


Unlike Wikipedia, but like many special-purpose wikis, this one does not allow anonymous editing nor does it allow self-creation of accounts. This is to help preserve the sanity of the site (and the author), prevent spam, etc.

If you want an account to allow you to edit this wiki, send me a message. Or, the contents of this wiki can be discussed on my blog page.


Contents of this Wiki are Copyright © 2016 -- 2022 by Alastair Mayer, except where otherwise specified. Contributions by others are copyright by their author, but (by posting here) with an implied unlimited, nonexclusive license for use with the wiki.