Sep 01 2010

Writing Wednesday – 7

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I’m having second thoughts about these Writing Wednesday posts. As I mentioned when I started, they were partly at the urging of another writing blogger who encouraged my more SF-genre slant on things, but I feel like much of it is just going over the same ground that several other, and more experienced, writers also cover. I’d rather write about new stuff, be that about writing, science, publishing, or whatever. So I’m going to put the “Writing Wednesday” titles on hold, although I still expect to post here on a regular (for some chaotic value of “regular”) basis. Sometimes even about writing.

This week I’m actually gearing up to do some publishing. I have a backlist of several stories that I’d like to experiment with in terms of making them available for Kindle or other e-readers. That’s a channel which is rapidly growing in importance, with Amazon reportedly now selling more e-books than hardcovers (and catching up quickly to paperback sales). I’ll be spending the next few nights and part of the weekend playing with different formatting tools and making “covers”. More on that project when I get something uploaded to Amazon.

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