Nov 27 2019

Alpha Centauri trilogy updated, more coming.

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With the success of the refresh of my earlier Carson & Roberts books, we have done the same with my Alpha Centauri trilogy (First Landing, Sawyer’s World, and The Return). This includes another edit pass to catch any lingering typos and clean up a few Britishisms, a reformat to improve the interior appearance, and a refresh on the covers. (The cover change is less drastic than than for the other books, mostly just a font change. The new covers are below.) So far this only affects the Kindle edition. The updates to the paper editions (with new ISBNs) will be done soon.

All this is preparatory to issuing all three books in a combined omnibus (or “boxed set”) edition. There won’t be an actual box even for the paper copies, production costs are just too high to be worthwhile. I plan to include some bonus material in the omnibus, things like maps and a few illustrations. Target release date is mid-December.

Work on The Pavonis Insurgence is almost complete, but we’re pushing the release back until after Christmas to give more editing time. A new series, centering around the first landings in and exploration of the Delta Pavonis system, is also under way, as is the next book in the Kakuloa series. More to come!

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  1. Gary Rademacheron 03 Jan 2020 at 2:04 pm

    Just finished the first four of the Carson & Roberts series. Really looking to reading The Pavonis Insurgence. I’ve been reading sifi for 60+ years and this series is refreshing! Fun read. And I can understand the need for some editing. Looks like some words were autocorrected incorrectly.

  2. adminon 08 Jan 2020 at 9:10 pm

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Feedback like that helps make it worthwhile. The Pavonis Insurgence will be available soon, and there are several more in the queue (and partially written).

  3. Mikeon 26 Apr 2020 at 11:51 am

    Just finished the Alpha Centauri series and loved it.

    One of the things I get tired of in Space Operas is that they are almost all set with a military background. While I will occasionally read them, I prefer stories without the military emphasis. You’ve done it.

    Now to figure out what the next book should be in your highly believable and entertaining universe.

  4. adminon 28 Apr 2020 at 11:28 am

    Thanks for the kind words, Mike.

    Chronologically, after Alpha Centauri comes “Kakuloa: A Rising Tide.” This picks up at the end of “Alpha Centauri: The Return” but shifts the focus to other (new) characters, although a few of the older ones make appearances. It stands alone, but there will be sequels coming (I’m about half finished with the next).

    The Carson & Roberts series, beginning with “The Chara Talisman,” is set about fifty years later and spun off from a short story (“Stone Age”) that appeared in “Analog” magazine some years back.

    While war is coming to the T-Space universe, I’ll still be writing stories that don’t focus on that, because there are so many other interesting things going on. (I’ll also be doing stories for the mil-SF fans, but the branding should make the distinction obvious.)

    Thanks for reading, and for the feedback!